Making Birthdays Better

Written by Jay Cooper

Surprizes is a mobile app that allows you to find local freebies on your birthday. During Startup Weekend Chandler, the team established the brand identity, started a blog, Facebook page, Twitter account and put together a great team of experienced Internet professionals to help push the vision forward.

Since the conclusion of SW, the Surprizes team has been making great progress toward creating a minimum viable product that users enjoy using. Team members have been actively talking to customers and small business owners, getting valuable feedback on the product. Surprizes is also very close to getting a usable mobile product into user’s hands and soliciting individuals on how they should proceed creating a successful viable product.

The idea was originally conceived by cofounder Lloyd Faulk in 2010 when, on his birthday, he wanted to locate freebies in his local area to redeem. Upon looking online all he found were older sites that were outdated or inaccurate. He thought there had to be a better way to enjoy the one day he had to call his own. So, Lloyd set out to build the ultimate mobile birthday experience.

Lloyd Faulk – Founder/Marketing
Trevor Olson – Cofounder/Technical
Saam Naghshineh – Business Development/Sales
Cheryl Marquez – Social Media/Public Relations
John McCaleb – Designer
Vincent Salgado – Designer

This is a great opportunity for the Surprizes team to bring to market a new way of enjoying your birthday, and it wouldn’t have been possible in this short amount of time without the help of everyone at Gangplank, FastTrac, and the community of entrepreneurs in Chandler.

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