Fostering local farm/foodie connections

Not only do you need to eat more broccoli for your health, you need to eat more broccoli in order to save the world (and your local tax base).

Derek Slife and Chris Wharton brought their new organization, Chow Locally, to Startup Weekend Chandler in order to develop this farm-to-table marketplace into a force for good health and good business.

Chris, an Assistant Professor in the Nutrition Program at the Healthy Lifestyles Research Center at Arizona State University, and Derek, a software engineer who loves cooking, aim to provide a network to bring locally grown, seasonal fresh foods from the farm directly to you.

Launching August 8th, users will be able to search lists of available fruits and vegetables, as well as place an order for what you want to eat when you want to eat it. Local farmers are then engaged to harvest your choices on the Friday after you order. Your order is assembled for pickup at the Phoenix Public Market on Saturday (more pick up sites to be added after this pilot period).

Lowering your carbon footprint while supporting local farm businesses keeps your grocery dollars in your community, supporting your local municipal services, as well as the quality of your environment. The Chow Locally community also features sources for recipes, eating healthy and updated nutrition news. Chow Locally also welcomes your participation and suggestions on Facebook and Twitter. Sign up for their newsletter to stay up to date on their launch (as well as learn the difference between yams & sweat potatoes) on the website. The team has also put out a podcast explaining more about the program and why they created it.

Join the Broccoliterati. Chow Locally: save time; order fresh fruit & veggies on a weekly basis. Know exactly what you will receive each week and conveniently shop multiple local farms.

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