Patience pays off

Not all businesses that come out of a Startup Weekend are tech-related products. Many of the attendees have ideas for nonprofits and companies in service-related industries. Rev. Marvin Brown came to Startup Weekend Chandler to work on his passion project, MindfulnessPractice.

The idea for MindfulnessPractice originated nearly 12 years ago, but it took Startup Weekend Chandler to kick it into gear.

After talking with some of the mentors, Marvin took some of their advice and put together a website, as well as outlined a six-week class on Mindfulness. Since the weekend, he has been able to add four more people to the team and put together the skeleton of a business plan.

“I have had the help of three of the mentors, which has been priceless,” said Marvin. “As a result, I have changed the direction of the business in a much simpler way.” As Marvin likes to describe the change, he was trying to “sell the store, instead of what was in the store.”

Marvin is still waiting to see where the project will lead him, but is happy he’s taken the first step. “No matter what the outcome, I will have created some great memories and am able to say I acted on my dream.”

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