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As we go into Startup Weekend Chandler’s Extreme Pitch event next Tuesday August 30th, it’s important to remember that the founders of these companies aren’t just doing this to make money. Many of the participants are drawing from their own life experiences in order to use what they’ve learned to help others.

One such participant is Char Surratt, who transitioned from her original health-based community-building Startup Weekend idea to a company, Healthful Impact, that will help educate, coach, and empower people to achieve their individual health goals through simple and sustainable lifestyle changes.

Why Healthful Impact? Char explains:

“I am a true foodie of the Standard American diet. I use to wear size 18 until I adopted a 100% whole food and raw vegan diet. I have battled weight my entire life, always sick with flu, pneumonia and physical pain, etc. Yo-yo diets of various kinds, weight loss pills and shots were my lifestyle norm. I was soon on my way to earning the other nutritional related diseases such as diabetes hypertension and stroke, the kinds of ailments that are prevalent in my family, friends and community.”

Char’s methods were so successful that she even won the 2011 Gangplank Fatoff by losing 20 lbs during the competition. She hopes that her personal success will inspire others to adopt the same healthful habits so that they may also experience the positive impacts.

Look for Char to show off her healthy physique and share her business ideas next week at Extreme Pitch!

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