Just Ran it

Inspired to improve his health after losing his father, Stuart Preston, began running four years ago.  After running 14+ miles the day of PF Chang’s Half Marathon just to keep up with his fellow runners, he states “It hit me then, that I wish I had a site to log my runs and see what my running friends are up to.” Thus the idea for www.JustRanIt.com was born.

JustRanIt.com is a website designed to keep the recreational runner engaged with his/her training and racing program.  Runners will be able to log runs, compete with friends, and get recognized for their hard work.   Unlike many existing sites for runners, JustRanIt will focus ONLY on running, make recommendations on races to run, and cheer on the runner as he/she adds miles to their weekly and monthly training.

Preston is the sole member of the Just Ran It Roadmap to Launch team. However, his 16 year old son has been patiently teaching him Djanjo, Python, CSS, and basic web application development. He gratefully acknowledges, “There is no way I could have taken this on without him. I’m one proud dad to have such a great mentor for a son.”

For those interested in signing up to be a beta tester, visit www.JustRanIt.com.


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