City Recess

City recess is reinventing the event discovery and sharing experience. Find new events that interest you, add them to your calendar and let your friends know about it.

According to Bradley Matson,

“We’re on our third mini-pivot that developed out of customer interviews and cold hard data. It’s difficult to comb through all the event offerings and we saw a need for an application that would collect the information for thousands of events in your city and allow you to make plans, share, and enjoy what your city has to offer. Also, my wife and I met at a local Film Festival and this meeting wouldn’t have taken place if not for the power of fun local events.

We’ve begun to develop traction in the event app space by building white label applications for local festivals (AZ SciTech Fest) and are currently building our MVP for City Recess as we continue to study our customers.

We’ve received some great advise from our team of mentors as well as some of the Gangplank Chandler crew.

We’re always looking for ways to learn and improve our business and this seemed like a great well to get some quality assistance. And it’s free :)

The City Recess Team:

Warner Onstine (Co-Founder) is a ninja coder who’s worked with Intuit, U of A, and rSmart.

Bradley Matson (Co-Founder) is a biz dev hustler who has a background in brick-n-mortar entrepreneurship and real estate.

Ted Graf (Design) is a graphic designer and taco enthusiast with the cutest daughter on earth.

Leo Pryzbylski (Development) is a master hacker, who is rumored to code for anonymous in his free time.

Nora Simmons (Development) is an old school coder with made skills

Sara Onstine (Copy Editor) is a grammer nazi and book worm

Kirsten Matson (Community Mgmt) is a social media master with ultra friendly customer relationship skills.

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