Local Arizona Startup Seeking to Enhance the Arizona Nightlife Industry

The two founders of BarSential, John Rushworth and Eytan-Ben Yeoshua met as members of the McGuire Entrepreneurship Program, while attending the University of Arizona, in Tucson. While they socialized and went to various nightlife venues around the community, they began to notice inefficiencies in the nightlife space and the current companies trying to serve their needs. “As consumers, we realized that printing or scanning coupons were not fast or effective in bars and clubs,” Eytan notes. Having worked in bars, John identified problems on the merchant side, “As a merchant, you want the output control and the offers that are published to be favorable to your business, not the business providing the coupon solution.” This research led John and Eytan to develop the initial concept for BarSential.

The two founders realized that technology was the solution to many inefficiencies they saw within the nightlife scene in Tucson and wondered if these occurred anywhere else. After college, John and Eytan went their separate ways. John worked full time for a major corporation while Eytan continued with school. Both had the continual entrepreneurial itch to jump back into the project. They started from scratch and spent several months re-focused the concept. “Having realized that bars all over Arizona and the nation have inefficiencies, we decided to launch BarSential.” John notes.

BarSential hopes to boost sales in bars, clubs and late night eateries by allowing them to publish offers anytime, rewarding existing customers and attracting new ones. BarSential increases turnover for bars through our patented redemption process and provides merchants a trackable solution to couponing that they control.

Consumers can purchase and redeem offers from their phone, no printing or scanning necessary. Consumers get access to exclusive discounts and can save time by paying with BarSential. BarSential is looking to enhance the Arizona’s nightlife communities overall experience.

These benefits give BarSential’s co-founders and six advisors the confidence needed to succeed. They are launching at the end of July and have already gained significant interest from establishments throughout Arizona. You can learn more about this community-focused startup by visiting their current campaign page, indiegogo.com/BarSential

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